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Safeguarding Checks and Training


The Chaplaincy takes safeguarding of all people seriously.  We must be a church where anyone can walk in and know that they will not be harmed, abused, bullied or exploited. (What kind of 'abuse' we are talking about is described in the diocesan policy here).

We require a variety of on-line training, face-to-face training and criminal record checks on all those who hold responsible positions in the church who may consequently come into contact with vulnerable adults or young people.  The Diocese has a policy on Safeguarding which we follow, and we have our own policy too.  Our policy can be found here and the Diocesan policy and resources can be found here.

There are two elements to ensuring those who have particular responsibilities are 'safe'.  These elements are

  • checking there is no criminal record which might make it impossible for a particular person to undertake some responsibility.  In the UK this used to be called a report from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, but is now called a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate, and
  • training the person with responsibility to an appropriate level in safeguarding issues.





If you have lived in any country for more than 6 months (even as six one-month blocks) since you were 16, you need to attempt to get a police check from that country.  This is not always easy as some countries do not have the facility to do the police check and others (e.g. the USA) require extra things such as fingerprints.  Each country has two elements:


  Provide sufficient evidence to the authorities that you are who you say you are They will then look up police record to see if you have a record, and provide you, or whomever you nominate, with a list of them.
UK requirements These can be found here You will need to send your completed forms to the Diocese for them to process.  There are two levels of checks.  Most will be a simple 'Enhanced DBS check', but if you are working with children more than four times per month or overnight, then you will need an 'Enhanced DBS plus Children�s Barred List check'.  The Diocese will pay for these checks in the UK.
Spanish Requirements You need to complete a form available from Malaga (we have some in the Chaplaincy) You need either to take that form and NIE and/or Passport identification (whatever you have declared on the form) to Malaga, presenting it to the office yourself in person or you can do that part by post, but you need to have your NIE or Passport copy that you send with it, notarised.  Prior to that, you need to pay a fee into one of the cooperating banks in Malaga or locally to you (the Safeguarding officer will give you some advice).  You will have to pay for these checks, but the Chaplaincy will reimburse you if you choose - because we need you!


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
On-line (45 minutes) start here and the 'parish name' is Costa del Sol West On-line (45 minutes) here Morning session (3 hours) Afternoon session (3 hours)
Introduction to what Safeguarding is, for all members of the church community For those engaging directly with vulnerable adults and children For those administering the policy




mandatory to have
safeguarding DBS check,
see here


Policy link and issues

DBS Check

Training stage

1 2 3 4
Safeguarding Officer(s)
Sunday School Teacher and  
  Sunday School Helper (when working with a teacher)      
Licensed Reader and Worship Leaders and
  Pastoral Visitor (if ever visiting alone)  
  Pastoral Visitor (if visiting with others)      
  Church Council Member    
  Messy Church volunteer (working with others)      
  Member of the congregation   useful useful    

If you are not sure, there are two questionnaires, one on this page here, and one on the following page, which will help you decide what kind of check, if any, you need.


Types of abuse covered by the policies:

Physical Abuse � Sexual abuse � Emotional abuse (eg bullying or other undue pressure which may or may not be linked to other forms of abuse) � Neglect � Financial abuse � Discriminatory abuse � Organisational abuse � Modern Slavery � Domestic Violence and abuse � Self-Neglect � Spiritual abuse


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