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The people in our teams

Chaplaincy Council Pastoral Team/Visitors*Ministry TeamWardens
Once a quarter at 10.30am on the second Saturday of March, June, September and December, also immediately after the AGM. As organised in each church, plus occasional joint training meetings Once a quarter, 7pm, usually the Wednesday preceding the Chaplaincy Council
Revd. Tony Carroll, (Chair) SG/SPRevd. Tony Carroll, (Chair) SG/SP Revd. Tony Carroll, (Chair) SG/SPGeoff Fabron (Sotogrande)
Angie Newman (Secretary) SPCathy Braithwaite SP Revd. Fidel Patron SG Andrea Bennett (San Pedro)
Patricia Gommersall (synod) SPPatricia Gommersall SP Andrea Bennett SP
Geoff Fabron (warden) SGMargarita Wrann Hartmann SG Patricia Gommersall SP Patricia Gommersall SP – Assistant Warden
Thea Horsey SPTanya Hall SP Lesley Fabron SGJean Kerr-Hill SP – Assistant Warden
Rosalind Scott-Gibb SPJean Kerr-Hill SP Margarita Wrann Hartmann SG Lorenzo Wilkendorf SG – Assistant Warden
Andrea Bennett(warden) SP Margaret and Adrian Hall SG Debbie Geater SG Kevin Metcalf SG – Assistant Warden
Lorenzo Wilkendorf (synod) SG Ruth Gray SPJean Kerr-Hill (vice-chair)SP
Alan Moore SGHeather and Alan Moore SG Geoff Fabron SG Lesley Fabron SG – Electoral Roll Officer
Jean Kerr-Hill (safeguarding and vice-chair) SPDavid and Pili Russell SG
Valerie Roberts SPLorenzo Wilkendorf SG
Linda Pegg SP
Sheila Wilkinson SP
Liz Vila SG
Ann Pygall SG
Publicity Team*Orpea (Sanyres) & CK La Quinta TeamMessy Church and Sunday School TeamSocial & Fundraising Team
Twice a year Usually last Wednesday of the month at 11.30am for Holy CommunionAs organised As organised
Revd. Tony Carroll, (Chair) SG/SP Revd. Tony Carroll, (Chair) SG/SP Andrea Bennett SP (convener) Lesley Fabron SG
David Bowerman (magazine) SG Patricia Gommersall SP (orgainser) Caroline Rennuy SG Patricia Gommersall SP
Margarita Wrann Hartmann SGKevin Metcalf SG Sylvia Robinson SG Karl Maresz SP
Caroline Rennuy SG Heather Moore SG Liz Vila SG Delia Maresz SP
Alan Moore SG Clare Davidson SG Tanya Hall SP
Margarita Wrann Hartmann SGChris Lees SP
Sheila Wilkinson SPSteve Walker SP
Geoff Fabron SGLiz Vila SG
Christ Wawn SG