Last Thursday, 8th September we heard the sad news that HM the Queen had passed away. As one commentator said, it was inevitable, yet unthinkable and it had a profound emotional impact on most of us. Her Majesty has been the one constant in a changing world for the vast majority of people, be they British or from elsewhere, and her bearing, grace and example made her one of the most admired and respected individuals on the planet.

I am sure many of you have been moved by the heartfelt condolences and acts of respect made by people and countries around the world as they honoured the Queen’s life of service. For Britain’s she was our Queen, to everyone else she was simply The Queen. Her Majesty made it common knowledge that her faith in Jesus was very important in her life and in her Christmas messages she would often refer to this and it is key part in enabling her to fulfil her duties. She has now gone to be with her Lord after a lifetime of faithful service. Our beloved Queen has passed on. God save the King.