November 2017
Charity chocolate orange collection
Christmas Fair - Santa
Sabinillas coffee morning
Christmas Fair 2017 buzzing
November coffee morning Sabinillas
Classic Cars at Christmas Fair
Christmas Fair 2017
Balloons at Christmas Fair 2017
Christmas Fair Magic
October 2017
2017 Away Weekend Prayer Station
2017 Away Weekend-Pauls vision
Away Weekend-Taking it easy
2017 Away Weekend
Away Weekend Communion
2017 Away Weekend - Passports
Away Weekend-Liam on the keyboard
Messy Church-Seeing the light
Away Weekend 2017-worship
Away Weekend YP Group
Away Weekend Sunday Worship
Away Weekend - Prayer Station
Away Weekend-FUN
Away Weekend - Passport done
Away weekend Parting the Red Sea
Away Weekend Boule in the wood
September 2017
Michael Lloyd Rees-Summer Locum 2017
Visitor from New Zealand
August 2017
Coffee after service - San Pedro
Coffee after service - San Pedro
Pearl of great price
Pearl of great price
The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net
WELCOME - San Pedro Sunday School
Family Communion July 2017
Coffee after service - San Pedro
A man found treasure in a field
Doing the Lighthouse song
June 2017
Gemma and Paul at refugee camp
Faith on Frontline-Duquesa
Gift day lunch 2017
Gift day lunch 2017
Tanzania refugee camp
Gift day lunch 2017
Paul and Gemma refugee camp
Gemma at refugee camp
Tanzania refugee camp
Faith on Frontline-Duquesa
May 2017
Messy Church May 2017
Estepona Prayer Walk
Weighing in after lent diet
Marlows Messy Church Team
Estepona Prayer Walk
Easter Day 2017
Messy shakers May 2017
April 2017
Mothering Sunday Cards by Denise
Palm waving 2017
Palm crosses San Pedro
Messy Church Easter Garden
Palm Sunday 2017 San Pedro
March 2017
Day of prayer - pray and paint
Sunday school
Bible study at Messy Church
Messy Church - March - Moses
Science and faith seminars
February 2017
water into wine pretend wedding
Screen watching-San Pedro
Water into wine pretend wedding
January 2017
San Pedro Prayers
Sotogrande 9 lessons and carols 2017
Fr Francois at ecumenical event
Christmas Day San Pedro 2016
Ecumenical service Sotogrande
Jan 2017 Messy Church
Christmas day congregation San Pedro 2017
Sotogrande carol service
12 disciples on a string
refugee distribution packs
Christmas Day San Pedro 2016
refugee tented camp
December 2016
Nativity Sotogrande 2016
Camerata at 9 lessons and carols
Nativity Sotogrande 2016
November 2016
Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair Refreshments
Paul and Kim Wedding Blessing
Josiah King of Judah and family
Excellent grub at Confirmation
Christmas Fair 2016
Christmas Fair Cake stall
October 2016
Sunday School Welcome to Romily
Weekend away knocking down walls
Romily Baptism
Big Sing 2016 - The Choir
Messy Church at Marlows
Messy Church game table
WeekEndAway 2016-Building the church
Messy Church
Wedding La Virginia - Carmen and Antonio
Weekend away Dominoes competition
Big Sing 2016 - Vicky
WeekEndAway 2016-study chaos
Big Sing 2016 - The joy of singing
Big Sing 2016 - singing ooooh
WeekEndAway action shot
Weekend away Tiddlywinks competition
Big Sing 2016 - Sylvia
WeekEndAway 2016-Building the church
Big Sing 2016 - Sylvia Vicky Alan
WeekEndAway 2016-If I had a hammer
Romily Baptism
Weekend away Dominoes competition
WeekEndAway 2016-If I had a hammer
Wedding La Virginia - Carmen and Antonio
October 2016 Confirmation
WeekEndAway 2016-Building the church
July 2016
Rest on the prayer walk - San Pedro
Vicar at BBQ
July Chaplaincy BBQ stall
July BBQ - nothing but hard work
Prayer walk San Pedro
July BBQ - San Pedro drinkers
July BBQ - stalls
July BBQ stall - Karl and Delia
Sylvias stall - July BBQ
Winnings from bottle stall - July BBQ
July BBQ - Queue for food
Pentecost party hat
Fred and Elaine BBQ bric a brac
July BBQ - Chaplaincy tables
June 2016
Eucharist at San Pedro 2016
Sunday Club report
BBQ Sotogrande 2014
At Sanyres - home for the elderly
Sunday Club at San Pedro
Start of the prayer walk - San Pedro
Pentecost Congregation 2016
Paul Carr working with refugees
Shelly and Ian - wedding blessing
Harvest San Pedro
Baptism perils of the priest
Away day Children event
San Pedro Church
Prayer station at San Pedro prayer morning
Theological discussion with the puppet
Foot washing Maundy Thursday
Baptism of Daniel
Colin the puppet at a baptism
Daniel Baptism
Sotogrande 2016 concert June
Advent Candles 2015
Church - Sotogrande
Paul Carr - refugee camp - charity
Concert 2016 Sotogrande
Sunday Club report back
Blooming Awkward Questions study group
Colin the puppet
Christmas lights 2015
Wedding Reception
Pentecost Party Fool
Paul Carr work on Macedonian Border
Palm Sunday 2016
The Big Sing 2015 Sotogrande
Newly baptised
Last Supper Maundy Thursday 2016
Blooming Awkward Questions Audience
Coffee at end of Prayer Walk San Pedro