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An all-age, living-faith Christian community - English speaking - between Marbella and Gibraltar.
Christ's love underpins this church and we guarantee to welcome you wherever you are on your journey
Sunday Aug 29th 2021
San Pedro 10am: Family Communion
Sotogrande 12pm: Anglican family service

Tue 11am Sabinillas
American Bistro
Fri 10.30am San Pedro
La Tradicional

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It is not always possible for those who would wish to be at church on a Sunday, to be there, so here are some (not all!) sermon notes - for what they're worth!

We follow what is called the Revised Common Lectionary, which is very similar to the readings being read in many churches at the same time throughout the world. Each year has a gospel book as a theme to the seasons. 2019 was Luke, Advent 2019 onwards was Matthew and Advent 2020 onwards is Mark and Advent 2021 onwards, back to Luke. There is a continuity about the teaching from the gospel writers which is useful to follow.

Sermons, of course, depend on delivery, on the hearers and the readings as much as content, so although the sermons are briefly outlined here, they are never going to be the same as being part of the community that is praying 'Let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of all our hearts come from you, O Lord.'

Our preaching is deeply rooted in the Bible, but speaks in our own context and the rationality of today. It is always about love and good news, because nothing beats the opportunity to live an abundant life walking with Christ.

There are more than 200 sermons on-line here, but some files may be missing in which case I apologise. Many of the services since March 2020 have videos associated with them, some of the whole service and some of just the sermon. You are welcome to use the material in any non-detrimental way!

Adrian Low, Chaplain