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An all-age, living-faith Christian community - English speaking - between Marbella and Gibraltar

Christ's love underpins this church and we guarantee to welcome you wherever you are on your journey

The Church of England's Diocese in Europe WORKING with the UK Methodist church
The Church of England
The Methodist Church

Easter day 21st April

San Pedro 10am

Holy Communion

Midday Sotogrande

Anglican Holy Communion

Income approximately 50,000

GIFT MONTH June 2017



Gift day ■ Sunday Lunch ■ June 11th 2.30pm

Casares Golf club ■ Arturo Restaurant
2 courses 14.90 ■ 3 courses 17.50 ■ Children 9.50
Glass of wine 3

contact stephen.wall673@gmail.com

The Chaplaincy finances depend on income from a variety of sources including direct giving.  There is no income from the Church of England or from any government sources.  All the maintenance of Chaplain, Chaplaincy and car, rental of churches, printing and musicians is paid for from chaplaincy income, mainly from collections and donations.  The pie charts are from 2015 and demonstrate the shortfall in income. 


The work of the Chaplaincy is enormous.  In addition to Sunday Services we provide monthly worship at Sanyres, Messy Church at Marlows most months, pastoral care in visiting the frail and sick in home and hospital.  We have courses running most weeks somewhere in the Chaplaincy to encourage the growth of faith and a better understanding of God.  We publish a free magazine, organise social events, and give about 10% of our income to charity.  We work with  local charities and particularly our local Collective Calling Charity for refugees.  We encourage mission through courses, our occasional services - baptisms, weddings and funerals, and special services such as ecumenical Carols, midnight mass, Sabinillas carols, choir events and musical days.


We pray, in groups, individually and in organised prayer to bring us closer to an understanding of what God needs us for and for us to share with God the needs of the community we live in and our world issues. 


The Chaplaincy maintains a Chaplain with a Chaplaincy to live in and a car for transport. 


We hope you will wish to contribute a special gift this Gift Month, to help the work of the Chaplaincy continue.  Alternatively, please consider a legacy (in your will) or joining the envelope scheme, or giving via direct debit.  If you would like to be part of the Gift Day Lunch (and we are very happy equally to receive gifts whether or not you come to the lunch) then it is on Sunday June 11th, 2.30 please either sign up in church or email stephen.wall673@gmail.com to reserve a place



Gift day ■ Sunday Lunch ■ June 11th 2.30pm

Casares Golf club ■ Arturo Restaurant
2 courses 14.90 ■ 3 courses 17.50 ■ Children 9.50
Glass of wine 3


Expenditure approximately 60,000